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We provide high quality IT support to small businesses including IT networks and security. 
Services we provide include On-site\Off-site Backups, Office Set-ups, Anti-Virus, Secure Email, Domain and Hosting, Networks, Super fast WiFi Setups for Home and Business, Building and retailing custom computers, retailing laptops, Remote assistance and much more.

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We have been providing IT, Network and security support services for over 13 years. Our services cover everything you need to support your home and business. Our goal is to bring an affordable enterprise level IT support to the local area, a level of IT that is not ordinarily available outside of the corporate/enterprise market. Our support model allows us to provide the highest level of service possible to our customers ensuring you get the best from your IT investment and support when you need it most.

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We continually research and connect with the latest and greatest solutions to best serve our customers. Many of our services are also being used by huge corporates such as the Police, London Stock exchange and even NASA.
We want to make sure small businesses are not left behind and can take full advantage of these services that would otherwise be out of reach but we consider essential to the security and effectiveness of your business. Companies are often unaware of the risks in our current climate and have not considered what impact fire, theft and virus attacks could have on your business and personal data. Professional services may be in breach of GDPR if they store any customer data with inadequate security or with a supplier based outside the UK. We can provide comprehensive advice and solutions to secure all of your data and ensure compliance with data protection laws even in a mobile working environment protecting your valuable data comprehensibly against loss, fire or theft.

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We have a unique relationship with Global leading security firm Sophos that allows us to protect our clients with Corporate Grade security that is currently trusted to protect our Police, London Stock Exchange, Oxford University to name a few. This service is remotely managed for you so you need never worry about your Anti-Virus again, you don't even need to update it!

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Email has changed significantly in the last few years, hacking scandals and large Data Protection breaches have plagued even the biggest of companies as well as the contant threat of virus attacks and the time wasted with spam email. Our secure email service provides the highest level of function and security eliminating almost all spam and virus attacks before it even reaches your inbox. It has industry leading speed and reliability and has no settings! Just enter your username and password and you are good to go.

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It is too easy to lose all of your data, fire, theft and now more than ever; Virus attacks. Many companies would suffer significant loss if all of their data were to be lost or stolen. If a companies data which contains ANY client data is stolen they must now report the breach to the Information Commissioner, the fines can be severe if the data was not adequately protected. We offer excellent On-site and Off-site Secure backup solutions that are easy to use and are safe and robust.

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Phone systems for business that cost a fraction of traditional phone systems. These offer as much or as little functionality as your business needs and can be tailored with phone menus (IVRs) call queuing, call recording, diverts and much more.

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We design and install network infrastructure with technology that should still be considered high performance for the next 20 years. This service is best utilised during construction phase before plasterboard but is still possible afterwards. We can also expand and improve and troubleshoot existing networks.

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For home and business we install high enterprise grade WIFI systems that can cover your property from end to end.  You can connect at any point and move all around the property while remaining seamlessly connected to your high speed and reliable WIFI.

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We can provide your business with comprehensive IT cover that is often cheaper then your current office phone bills. We can also design and setup a completely mobile office for you and your workers so you can work as effectively at home as you do in the office. All your remote equipment can be completely secured against loss, fire, theft and virus attacks.

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We design and build custom computers from basic home use to high end video editing, watercooled gaming, 3d design and forensic analysis machines.
By building in house we control the quality of every component to be more robust and reliable than other high-end commercially available machines.

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We can clean up and maintain your current computer systems and can often upgrade them to extend their useful life in a cost effective way. We have a well rehearsed routine to perform the work speedily and can quickly ascertain if your current systems are viable or more cost effective to replace or upgrade.

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Thank you for your interest. Standard operating hours are between 9am-5pm Monday to Friday. Visits are by appointment only. We do operate an out of hours service for business critical matters and emergencies, in these cases leave a message stating the matter and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Iron Down, Deddington, OX15

01295 812953

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